Gaby and the Thurstones

by Gaby and the Thurstones

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released August 26, 2012

Gaby and the Thurstones are Gaby Thurston, Aaron Lindsay and Brian Buggy

All words and music by Gaby and the Thurstones

Recorded and produced by Gaby and the Thurstones in Brian's bedroom

Album art by Anna Bassney



all rights reserved


Gaby and the Thurstones Rochester, New York

Gaby and the Thurstones are a triple singer-songwriter conglomerate from Rochester, New York. The group formed through mutual friendship in early 2012.

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Track Name: Sunrise
i'm falling
Track Name: We Are One
in the warm earth, where the worm makes its home, / it burrows and tunnels through soil and stone, / and when a mishap arises and its body is divided, it laments, / "i was one, i was one!"

we watched on and imagined our own hours grown late, / and turned to scripture to save us from the worm's fate, / and we announced, "our machinations will earn, for us, salvation," / content with what we'll haven't done

we looked upon the robins and echoed their cries / we sought the same affinity they had for the skies / "we'll build our wonders in sevens as we try to near the heavens! / we'll work 'til our last verse is sung"

as those last notes escaped from our lips, / the worm spent its dying breath singing, in harmony, this: / "you all worry and fret so . . . it makes you forget to live, / to see, to care, to be, to share, to love!

and though our bodies aren't whole, our souls are entwined; / left together in vestiges: that's your place and mine / you mustn't endeavor to escape death forever, / for wonder and beauty live on!"

from the blue eggs in the robin's nest, / the hatchlings lay still in their sinlessness, / and when that small flock of birds are cast into the world, / they sing, "oh, we are one! we are one!"
Track Name: Harold
his father was a filmmaker, but now he's dead / he took his own map right off of his head / you don't even know the pain

once, he found the show was but a pretense / he's fond but not in love with his existence / you don't even know the pain
Track Name: Do You Know?
do you know where to find me? / underneath the tree of blushing leaves, / waiting on the stars to set me free

do you know where to find me? / laying on the shore amidst a gentle breeze, / looking out with hope to the sea

can you see what i see? / comfort in a rainfall, a blue sky's possibilities, / and nature's sweet serenity

do you believe what i believe? / the world is full of color and simple beauty, / and all of it is truly artistry

do you know what i want to be? / a singer, a lover, a dreamer, a mother, an angel of peace / do you really know me?
Track Name: Fragile Heart
instantly, the world was breathing / as the light spilled over the land / through its veins, the rivers cleaving / their paths despite earth's lament / and that earth convulsed, its birth unplanned / terra tethered loosely to a fragile heart beset

we awoke to sudden beauty / as the skies dressed themselves in gold, / and the stars began their wooing / while we watched the world unfold / every moon beam etched on canvas forever old / but, the lights were dimming, and our hearts grew ever cold

and the rain, it came upon us like a plague in darkest night / indefinitely, our way was lost in mother's great device / her fragile heart struggling for every beat / every step was endured by weary feet

born of the angels and borne by wind's affair / they gathered, all together, to sing the world's despair, / to witness all that writ in verse undone, / for in darkness, all air and earth are one
Track Name: Skin
return to flight, the clutch is tight / please don't stay when the sadness eats your skin away / the prophet said, "don't be afraid," / the hallway made your eyes speak of the deepest grey

no one cares about your affairs and your misery, / because they've all got their own hollow needs
Track Name: Alpenglow
meet me in the alpenglow / where the smell of dew hangs over the earth / and the mist of morning rises slowly / as the sun flaunts its rebirth / "only the sun can die and rise anew," / you say with a tilt of your head, / "for all i'd like to know of you, / we might as well have just met"

meet me at the top of the world / as the earth comes to life / day reveals valleys unfurled / and the river turns blue with the sky / listen as the perching birds sing, / proclaiming that they're alive / and seeking all that harmony brings / in their intrinsic will to survive

listen to the murmuring breeze / that tells the tales of the land / through the whistling sea and the rustling trees, / it whispers ethereal secrets and plans / watch the clouds rolling by, / weaving through peaks in the distance, / relentless as the passing of time / that validates our existence

as the horizon starts to reclaim the light, / colors emerge and the world heaves a sigh / prismic hues stream brightly / like strokes on a canvas sky / meet me in the alpenglow / when the sun has gone to its bed / there is beauty in this, i know / all good things must come to an end
Track Name: Untitled
na na na naaa nan na na nan na na nan / na na na naaa nan nan na nan / na na na naaa nan na na nan na na nan / naaa naaa nan