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released January 26, 2013

Gaby and the Thurstones are Gaby Thurston, Aaron Lindsay and Brian Buggy

All words and music by Gaby and the Thurstones except 'Never Meant' by American Football

Recorded and produced by Gaby and the Thurstones in Brian's bedroom

Album art by Anna Bassney



all rights reserved


Gaby and the Thurstones Rochester, New York

Gaby and the Thurstones are a triple singer-songwriter conglomerate from Rochester, New York. The group formed through mutual friendship in early 2012.

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Track Name: Ghost
once the ghost had passed / the children played and ran / their shoes, they failed to last, / but their young minds began / they know when the silence comes

but, they were a ghost i couldn't see, / with parents fondly in love, / and toys buried under the tree / nothing came from above / they know when the silence comes
Track Name: Patchwork
oh, seraph from above came down / her fire burns brightly through her gown / my heart is not my own, / for she and i are together sewn

oh, seraph from above came down / lost not her beauty with her feathered crown / my heart is not my own, / for she and i are forever sewn
Track Name: Never Meant
let's just forget / everything said / everything we did / best friends and better halves / goodbyes / and the autumn night / when we realized / we were falling out of love

but we never did

not to be overly dramatic / i just think it's best, 'cause you can't miss what you forget / so let's just pretend everything and / anything between you and me was never meant
Track Name: His Death Shall Bring
and we whisper softly, our breath illuminated with / silken strands adorning a bereft throne upon soil / we respire harshly, our skin arrayed in silent white, / under blanket left behind in night as black as oil

we are: structured, subjected to a mold, / created as empyreally fit, / sculpted, faceless, with no identity / surely existence must be more than this?

yet each year we sink one ring deeper and / we draw shorter and shorter breaths until / our lungs are cut short and cease to function / entirely; we whisper no more, our / thrones upon soil toppled and atrophic / our beating hearts extinguished at the wick
Track Name: Becoming Nothing
with wires wrapped around your ears like vines / the alcohol and cigarettes turn your body cold and blind / with dreams of tongues that fill my tiny mouth / i can't open my eyes; when i do, only flies come out

stony brooks and stolen books that you have never read / all under the christmas tree, tied up with green thread

i went to the movie theater last new year's eve / bud was bought and guns were shot, but meaning came to leave / this simple and eloquent fact that is poking and teasing / this feeling that made you want to continue breathing

the trees all came alive, turned their bodies into rings / as i turn into nothing, while my body began to sing