Morning Follows Me Here

by Gaby and the Thurstones

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Dan DeMarco Gaby and the Thurstones offer folky acoustic guitars and layered harmonies combined with sonic ambient explorations. At times both fragile and intense, Morning Follows Me Here is an entrancing collection featuring smart poppy tunes alongside intricate extended cuts. These guys know how to write music. Favorite track: Fragile Heart.
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released November 1, 2013

Gaby and the Thurstones are Gaby Thurston, Aaron Lindsay and Brian Buggy

All words and music by Gaby and the Thurstones featuring viola from Ethan Schaber on Sleepwalkers

Recorded and produced by Gaby and the Thurstones in Brian's bedroom

Album art by Celeste Caccavale and Aaron Lindsay



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Gaby and the Thurstones Rochester, New York

Gaby and the Thurstones are a triple singer-songwriter conglomerate from Rochester, New York. The group formed through mutual friendship in early 2012.

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Track Name: Ten Months in the Deluge
my bed is sewn miles from the threads of your iris / stretched taut and thin with each drift of your eyelid / painted agate teases from the knit of my sheets and i worry that you will forget me

all the while, they're dancing with anesthetic cocktails / they pull their laces and they file their fingernails / i'm deathly afraid someone will succumb soon and there aren't enough cups in the bathroom

like the light splits the ripples in the delta / we follow the shepherd from the shelter
Track Name: City of Windows
come down from the city of windows / stand over my feet / 'cause everything you are is filled with pills and peas

to take on the world from a flower / craves a strength i can't see / so i'll meet you down by the tower and we'll find a place we can be

trapped inside of you
Track Name: Do You Know?
do you know where to find me? / underneath the tree of blushing leaves / waiting on the stars to set me free

do you know where to find me? / laying on the shore amidst a gentle breeze / looking out with hope to the sea

can you see what i see? / comfort in a rainfall, a blue sky's possibilities / and nature's sweet serenity

do you believe what i believe? / the world is full of color and simple beauty / and all of it is truly artistry

do you know what i want to be? / a singer, a lover, a dreamer, a mother, an angel of peace / do you really know me?
Track Name: Sleepwalkers
i dream in monochrome still-frames / forever elapsing through the membrane / got lost in my ribcage; now i don't know anyone

my eyes fall a little short of the six-pane / skip the creak in the staircase / my head whispers to me, ripped from the lungs

i lie next to the widowed one / she left her mind with her second son / what do you live for when all's come undone?
Track Name: Harold
his father was a filmmaker, but now he's dead / he took his own map right off of his head / you don't even know the pain

once, he found the show was but a pretense / he's fond but not in love with his existence / you don't even know the pain
Track Name: Animal House
she, a woman of six feet / she lived her life pointlessly / playing god for an easy fee / an object of feminine purity

he, an artist of freedom / he knew he had a gift to give / and aspired to awaken dormant hearts / by teaching the numb to live

he took her body, he stole her love / by the hands of souls he'd made free / and wept for his life of wretchedness / and promised that soon she too would see

we are beings born to live / but also born to naturally fall / so what is our purpose in this life / if we're all just animals after all?
Track Name: Fragile Heart
instantly, the world was breathing / as the light spilled over the land / through its veins, the rivers cleaving / their paths despite earth's lament / and that earth convulsed, its birth unplanned / terra tethered loosely to a fragile heart beset

we awoke to sudden beauty / as the skies dressed themselves in gold / and the stars began their wooing / while we watched the world unfold / every moon beam etched on canvas forever old / but, the lights were dimming, and our hearts grew ever cold

and the rain, it came upon us like a plague in darkest night / indefinitely, our way was lost in mother's great device / her fragile heart struggling for every beat / every step was endured by weary feet

born of the angels and borne by wind's affair / they gathered, all together, to sing the world's despair / to witness all that writ in verse undone / for in darkness, all air and earth are one
Track Name: Spring Inquiries
if i was a flower, would sunlight fall upon my leaves? / and if i was a flower, would you free my rigid limbs and dance with me?

and if i was a sunrise, would i climb to the horizon just for you? / and if i was a sunrise, would i make you feel like you're alive when the day is new?

if i was a willow tree, would my arms hang below my knees? / and if i was a willow tree, would you come seeking shade and company?

if i was a sea bird, would i be singing songs you understand? / and if i was a sea bird, would you let me guide you safely back to land?
Track Name: Morning Follows Me
breathe deeply, children / soon naught but wraiths of canaan / you are, for jordan burns again / harbingers of fire / as men come, casting the sun / with cries of "yahweh!" on their tongues

sculpted now in slumber / beneath a holy light that wanders / restlessly about / painting blush the figures sundered

and the fire whispers into our virgin ears, "you will kneel before me; morning follows me here"
Track Name: David's Trip
i came down to see the trees / but vines surrounded me / wrapped around my belly / gripping to reality

i found nothing in your hand / but pure emotion / it spins around again / it's an endless cycle

who are you, with brains painted blue? / don't come too close, my sanity controls me